Thursday, May 5, 2011

ice cream we all scream for.... Alaska

So I made it safe and sound!
I had two layovers and didnt have to wait more than 10 mins to load onto the next plane. all my flights were decent. the first 2 planes were less than 2 hrs and i should of known from the Austrila trip (14 hr flight) that i cant stand that long on planes.... the last plane was a 5 hr ride and i was ready to be off after 2 hrs. when i got on i had 2 larger people sitting on both sides of me and they switched one person with a smaller no jessie sandwitch!  the lady who i sat by talked to me and she asked the "why Alaska" question and i explained when i was 15 i loved it and decided to apply for a job and got it....she said at this point "well that mustnt of been that long ago"
HA it was several yrs ago...."you have aged beautifuly/ gracefully"
this made my day. Well the rest of the 5 hrs was filled with movies and me checking the clock and progress of this forever lonnnnnngggggggg flight!!!!!!!   when i landed i went to get my checked bag and that took forever and then i went outside in my short sleave shirt...Grandma, Anni, Mom it is so not that cold and when Gram said it was snowing in Alaska...well all i have have to say is "LIES!!!!!!!!!"

Me and my cuz went back to her the dark because yet another myth broken...its not day light allll the time this time of yr! i went to sleep around 2 am and heyyy mom...shocker i turned my phone to vibrate! for those who dont mom thinks everyone under the age of acient (ie. moms age and up) cant live A. without their cells or B. sleeps with the sound on. ha i proved you wrong!

ok so on to this morning Marrianne came home from work for lunch....mmmm grilled cheese and i went to work with her and we stopped to get ice cream on the way in and then had some more at her office! now i get to sit and make myself a blanket and look at the great view that she has...

hmm well i dont know what else to say so bye ohio for now post later! love you all


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  1. I'm glad you got there safe and sound! Give Marrianne a huge hug from everyone back here at home for taking you in! Poor girl don't know what she's in for! lol kidding!!
    We all miss you already! But hope you have fun! Pokie sends hugs! LOVE YOU!!!