Monday, May 9, 2011

day one

i made it to the park safe and sound!
first i have to say that i very much enjoyed my time with Marrianne. We went driving in her amazing convertible and when she was at work me and her dog, Joey went for walks. And yes it was warm here because  only needed a light coat.

i took a bus to th park and it was a very bumpy ride. took about 4 hrs. Once here i filled out paper work and had dinner. My room mate, me and this guy all ate together and there was a guy being nice to me. well when me and the other two went outside that guy started taklking to us, yesi would put a name if i remember it but ego buster....he wasnt special or memorale so ill call him cook because hes a cook

we ditched him and went for a walk and saw the lake...Beautiful!!!!
but oh lucky us we ran into the guy...cook...again and he showed us the kitchens and around and stuff. the other two left and so it was me an cook and so we played pool...mind you i didnt know how "tight" he thought i was. for those of you like me that dont know what tight is....its another word for hot or sexy or whatever....ayways during pool i found out what tight ment...after this i was trying to ditch him but my apt is by the pool hall and didnt want him knowing where i stayed. he already ad my number but that was because i thought he just wanted to be friens because god forbid anyone came here to work....well at 8pm i finally ditched him after being told that i should pick him as my man...even though i told him im im not but this is what i tell all the pervs because most leave me be and just look...but i do have a BF and really just came here for work and to meet people and have fun but not the type he wanted... after ditching him he texted me and i told him sure ill meet him for breakfast at 630am ....he sent me 2 more texts before he figured out im not responding or went to bed.

little did he know that i also told the guy in the apt next to me to come eat with me and roommate. the guy who live next to me Austin is cool hes looking for a summer girl and knows im not goig to be it and so im his "wing girl" whatever i have a friend thats no my room mate and that suits me when i woke i texted Austin and me and the RM (room mate) went to breakfast and Austin cam a little but obviously Cook text me good morning and where he was sitting...uh dude at 630 its not that i sat at a diff table than him and yes ladies he surly knew i was blowing him off because w made eye contact and he didnt move me and the Rm sat and talked and lol time Cook got done eating and came over said good day or something and left pissed..
guys if a girl tell you shes engaged dont try starting stuff cause youll be laughed at and hurt. follow the signs and stuff.....well i have to go t training now...likely more later tonight

love you all

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  1. Girl, seriously, gotta spell check! lol
    But yeah, idiot getting pissed is his own fault for not accepting boundries! Steer clear of him, or use yer pepper spray! ;)

    Love ya!