Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ghost writer(s)

Day something

life has been pastry chief friend gave me cheese cake with chocolate....a huge cookie...sticky bun thing...and (well I am love-from-alaska’s twin writing this and frankly I don’t know what all she got)
I know she hates walking up the hill, now the bus can take her up though. She has seen a fox and the squirrels have been giving her a huge problem. Ninja squirrels... long story.. Hee hee
I hope she gets her new heart I sent her in the mail aunt drew it and mailed it. Her huge package was supposed to have arrived by now, but she still hasn’t got it.
Jobs opened up at the hotel because people were stupid and didnt bring VISA’s and other stuff. So she told me about the job but I decided to go with something else. I do miss her a lot though.
Back to her... she is missing ME! And five guys and fries heehee, me her twin has been growing my hair and need her help with hair crap and keeping the scissors away from it....ok ok u want to hear bout her in Alaska.
A woman told her boss that love-from-alaska is the best front desk person they have :)
her room mate and she have come to an unspoken sleeps the other reads *laugh out loud.*
She has been missing meals due to sleeping...change from Ohio I think NOT....she talks to a lot of others except her twin!
Aunt writing now. love-from-alaska told me that I should write a post for her because she tells me everything that is going on with her. Then I told her twin that she’d said that and she said no she’d write it! So ok, I let her, lol! I think that last line up there was a broad hint...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

may 16th

Sorry its been so long but either been sleeping or working and hanging with people.....1st have to say congrats to the rents on 25 years together and in 25 more years ahead..

Let's see what have been doing,  ive gone on a 8 person bi plane around denali, to outsides its called mt mckinley.  i enjoyed it for the most part. did get sick but knew from last time in a small plane that it would happen so nothing now to me....what expect was to take a nap most of the time. my condition, fibermylga, makes me exhausted and makes my days difficulte.

Next was ATVing! omg!! to much fun loved it and wish to buy one. we went out and was surpose to ride back oon the covered waagon but the people who had drank at dinner aloud so woot to beiing underage because have to pick...mind you would of chose to ride. did try to get the muddest and wettest and think succeded it my mission.

Then went up in a hilocoptor. no the fact that got sick on the plane make me rethink it. would of stuck though it and if got sick that was fine by me at least can say got in one. almost napped on the flight but it was 20 min ride and was ready to shut my eyes for a while but we landed and that was cool.. get sick fyi......after the flight called the BF and toldf him want too buy a atv and helicoptor but that the planes can go away.

Also went to cabin night which is dinner and a was funny and good food....all the GMs got a kiss from Mrs.kitty for a dollar....the next morning one showd up to work with the lipstick still

If rafting was open would go to but we will get a votchour for that. ( sorry for the spelling)  everything did would cost 800 dollars but because front desk was free so can sell them better.....everyone else not working the front desk can do it for they all hate front desk.....heehee

My job is very easy....I've been bloging after my duties were done for today and still have 3 hrs till can complete it using our system That let me on till a certain time.

3rd shift is fun. its not lonley have maybe 3 hrs of alone time but not really.....

For those that want to know will be home in 4 months and 1 week,.......yes miss people but not really homesick.just wishing to ee some people. made friends here and an really enjoying my room mate...she let me sleep undisturbed allllll day today. here is an examnple of how much sleep. got off at 6 and went to bed at 630 after breakfast, then woke for lunch at 1 and back to bed at 2 till 9 and then got up showered and went to dinner...and then work at 11 to 6 and will do the same tomorrow. mind u been feeling well and that could be it buit think so because was doing thesame thing back at home......

I know what else to say tonight. but if you have any questions ask and you might give me another blog post idea.

Good day to you all

Monday, May 9, 2011

day one

i made it to the park safe and sound!
first i have to say that i very much enjoyed my time with Marrianne. We went driving in her amazing convertible and when she was at work me and her dog, Joey went for walks. And yes it was warm here because  only needed a light coat.

i took a bus to th park and it was a very bumpy ride. took about 4 hrs. Once here i filled out paper work and had dinner. My room mate, me and this guy all ate together and there was a guy being nice to me. well when me and the other two went outside that guy started taklking to us, yesi would put a name if i remember it but ego buster....he wasnt special or memorale so ill call him cook because hes a cook

we ditched him and went for a walk and saw the lake...Beautiful!!!!
but oh lucky us we ran into the guy...cook...again and he showed us the kitchens and around and stuff. the other two left and so it was me an cook and so we played pool...mind you i didnt know how "tight" he thought i was. for those of you like me that dont know what tight is....its another word for hot or sexy or whatever....ayways during pool i found out what tight ment...after this i was trying to ditch him but my apt is by the pool hall and didnt want him knowing where i stayed. he already ad my number but that was because i thought he just wanted to be friens because god forbid anyone came here to work....well at 8pm i finally ditched him after being told that i should pick him as my man...even though i told him im im not but this is what i tell all the pervs because most leave me be and just look...but i do have a BF and really just came here for work and to meet people and have fun but not the type he wanted... after ditching him he texted me and i told him sure ill meet him for breakfast at 630am ....he sent me 2 more texts before he figured out im not responding or went to bed.

little did he know that i also told the guy in the apt next to me to come eat with me and roommate. the guy who live next to me Austin is cool hes looking for a summer girl and knows im not goig to be it and so im his "wing girl" whatever i have a friend thats no my room mate and that suits me when i woke i texted Austin and me and the RM (room mate) went to breakfast and Austin cam a little but obviously Cook text me good morning and where he was sitting...uh dude at 630 its not that i sat at a diff table than him and yes ladies he surly knew i was blowing him off because w made eye contact and he didnt move me and the Rm sat and talked and lol time Cook got done eating and came over said good day or something and left pissed..
guys if a girl tell you shes engaged dont try starting stuff cause youll be laughed at and hurt. follow the signs and stuff.....well i have to go t training now...likely more later tonight

love you all

Thursday, May 5, 2011

ice cream we all scream for.... Alaska

So I made it safe and sound!
I had two layovers and didnt have to wait more than 10 mins to load onto the next plane. all my flights were decent. the first 2 planes were less than 2 hrs and i should of known from the Austrila trip (14 hr flight) that i cant stand that long on planes.... the last plane was a 5 hr ride and i was ready to be off after 2 hrs. when i got on i had 2 larger people sitting on both sides of me and they switched one person with a smaller no jessie sandwitch!  the lady who i sat by talked to me and she asked the "why Alaska" question and i explained when i was 15 i loved it and decided to apply for a job and got it....she said at this point "well that mustnt of been that long ago"
HA it was several yrs ago...."you have aged beautifuly/ gracefully"
this made my day. Well the rest of the 5 hrs was filled with movies and me checking the clock and progress of this forever lonnnnnngggggggg flight!!!!!!!   when i landed i went to get my checked bag and that took forever and then i went outside in my short sleave shirt...Grandma, Anni, Mom it is so not that cold and when Gram said it was snowing in Alaska...well all i have have to say is "LIES!!!!!!!!!"

Me and my cuz went back to her the dark because yet another myth broken...its not day light allll the time this time of yr! i went to sleep around 2 am and heyyy mom...shocker i turned my phone to vibrate! for those who dont mom thinks everyone under the age of acient (ie. moms age and up) cant live A. without their cells or B. sleeps with the sound on. ha i proved you wrong!

ok so on to this morning Marrianne came home from work for lunch....mmmm grilled cheese and i went to work with her and we stopped to get ice cream on the way in and then had some more at her office! now i get to sit and make myself a blanket and look at the great view that she has...

hmm well i dont know what else to say so bye ohio for now post later! love you all


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

last night!!

Ok so this will be a very short post.    I'M SUPER EXCITED!!!!
Seeing my two best friends in the morning then napping heading to ALASKA!!!!!!  all packed and everything.

As said short post but there will be more soon, likely from  but no promises.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Auntie Steals the Blog!

Hi! This is Love-From-Alaska’s aunt here. I’ve hijacked her blog since she recently hijacked mine! Some of you may know that she currently lives with me and my hubby. That being said, here’s a little list of things I need to get off my chest!
Things I won’t miss about my niece:

1. Toothpaste spit all over the sink. Girl can’t brush her teeth with out splattering toothpaste and toothpaste spit all over the sink and faucet! I think she’s practicing for the Spitting Olympics..

2. Clothing in the living room. Honestly, there are clothes from one side of the room to the other.. It’s like she uses the living room for a second bedroom or closet! Let me tell you, I’ve seen way way way too much of her under garments..

3. Cups and bowls everywhere. You always know where she’s been by the amount of dishes and pop cans and water bottles left near by. She can’t clean up after herself you know. She’s an artist at grouping half empty beverage containers.

4. Couch full of water bottles. When you move the cushions, there are at least 4 or 5 half empty water bottles every time. Will she be able to stay hydrated in Alaska without a fridge full of water? I’m seriously concerned...

5. The DA da Da of the TV being turned on in the middle of the night. That thing is loud! And the inane chatter of her teenage soap opera shows on netflix.. *shudder*

Things I WILL miss about my niece:

1. 3AM talks in the middle of the night. Whispering and giggling and trying not to wake up the uncle is great fun. I do, however, know more things than I really wanted to.. But still, love the chats.

2. The door slam. Knowing she’s home safe and sound is worth being woken up. "BaBAM, guess who’s home!"

3. Her giggle. In a good mood, her giggles are infectious! To herself too, she giggles and it makes her giggle more which makes her giggle more etc etc....

4. Facebooking and IMing and Texting while in the same room! Watching a movie in the middle of the night, texting and facebooking rather than talking and interrupting the show! Especially when we’re in a three or four way chat on facebook and they find out we’re not only in the same house, we’re in the same room and same bed and picking on each other on our status, oh that’s way too funny!

5. EVERYTHING! Me no want her to go!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaa!!!! Anyone got a rope or chain so I can keep her locked in her room????

Well, that's it! Auntie Out!