Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ghost writer(s)

Day something

life has been pastry chief friend gave me cheese cake with chocolate....a huge cookie...sticky bun thing...and (well I am love-from-alaska’s twin writing this and frankly I don’t know what all she got)
I know she hates walking up the hill, now the bus can take her up though. She has seen a fox and the squirrels have been giving her a huge problem. Ninja squirrels... long story.. Hee hee
I hope she gets her new heart I sent her in the mail aunt drew it and mailed it. Her huge package was supposed to have arrived by now, but she still hasn’t got it.
Jobs opened up at the hotel because people were stupid and didnt bring VISA’s and other stuff. So she told me about the job but I decided to go with something else. I do miss her a lot though.
Back to her... she is missing ME! And five guys and fries heehee, me her twin has been growing my hair and need her help with hair crap and keeping the scissors away from it....ok ok u want to hear bout her in Alaska.
A woman told her boss that love-from-alaska is the best front desk person they have :)
her room mate and she have come to an unspoken sleeps the other reads *laugh out loud.*
She has been missing meals due to sleeping...change from Ohio I think NOT....she talks to a lot of others except her twin!
Aunt writing now. love-from-alaska told me that I should write a post for her because she tells me everything that is going on with her. Then I told her twin that she’d said that and she said no she’d write it! So ok, I let her, lol! I think that last line up there was a broad hint...

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