Monday, April 25, 2011

Nine Days Left!

Sorry its been so long since I posted last.
Lets see first off happy Easter!

Well for the holiday my family and I had dinner on Good Friday. My twin gave me an adorable card mainly stating that she cant wait for the day I return ( not gone yet!) and that she hopes I bring new cloths back so she can steal them! I love my sister but she steals all my cloths and plans on raiding my room the minute I leave I think.. After dinner we called my cousin who lives in Alaska and :) I get to stay a couple days with her. She will be moving to Hawaii and this is very exciting, then she told me she knows a guy who runs a big hotel down there, I'm really not to sure what he does but anyways, I think I feel a Love-from-Hawaii blog coming next :D and yes to the horror to my aunt! (I secretly love horrifying people)

Most of the plans are made, I booked the flight and am mostly packed for the trip ::cough cough I wish:::::: I just have to book one more thing and then pack and help with my party, pay bills, and hide away for nine more days.

Everyday I talk to my mom and tell her how many days we have left and we do the girly screaming thing, my aunt rolls her eyes and thinks, well plots is a better word, of ways to keep me here.

Theres this guy in my life though that amazes me more and more each day but he has supported any plans I've made :D and he was suppose to start his travel the day after good Friday but god or whomever is out there must LOVE me cause he's leaving after me now.
“It's always easier to be the one to leave first”- one of my friends told me. I couldn't agree more with them! The past two summers I have been the one left at home and watching the person I like leave town. Not fun at all but I think this time (yes a different person) it will be OK for a lot of reasons. Before I had a bad feeling when that person left but this time I don't. My heart is calm about it all. Another thing is that even though he's leaving I won't be stuck in town waiting for him. Even when I was leaving second I still was going to be gone from town at the close to the same time and for a longer time.
Now to just stay in contact with him and my family. Cant let anyone forget me and my amazingness! Lets see my sister was the one who had told me to write tonight, I think I covered everything she wanted me to talk about.

Oh almost forgot. OK so yes I put in my two week notice 2 weeks ago on Thursday but me being me is still working with 9 day left to do everything that needs done. I am SOOOOO beyond ready to be done working here! Most know what seinoritis is and likely had it. Well my case is very bad right now! I just want to be done working at this hotel, it doesn't hold my mind anymore! One convo I had earlier was about doing the same job but a different location. I am very much a believer that people need change every once in a while and seems to be that my mind can take about 9 months at a job before it gets burned out of the scenery. Thats why I think 2 seasonal jobs would be good for me one for a half yr and the other job for the other half! There is no sense to burn yourself out at a job so that you don't enjoy life anymore. Life is way to short for unhappiness!Having a job is great but you must weigh the toll its taking on you, your brain and your sanity. I have only 16 more hrs to work and then I get time to party and see friends and family and then off I go.

Goodnight all and hope you enjoyed your holiday and my blog. I will try to post more soon but as those who have traveled know it gets very crazy toward the travel date!

Love and good wishes!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why would I leave the job I have for one that's only a couple months?

OK so I have thought of some other questions I've been asked. Also if you have any you want answered please leave a comment by pushing the button that says how many comments the post has...(I will look into changing it to make it more user friendly later when I’m not so frazzled)

Why would I leave the job I have for one that's only a couple months?
           Well that answer is easy......IT'S ALASKA!!!!!!!!
          Not good enough answer? Well the months I will be there I will be making 800 more in that time frame than I do here. Also I'm in my early 20's and figure that soon I'll have to settle down and have a family, have a lease on a place and a job that I just can't leave. I've seen it a lot where couples have big plans of travel in their 20s but life gets a hold of them and they put it off until the kids are out of the house and by that time they’re in their 60s and then start their plans and as some people know at that age heath and the ability to do everything your heart desires is hard. Even with a man by my side in marriage that wants to travel (no I'm not married yet) I know that it all could be a pipe dream and right now I don’t have kids, a husband, or anything like a lease on a place that would keep me grounded in one place....also its only 5 months out of my life that will be gone. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel family and kids hold a person back, I love kids and family. But this is an opportunity that doesn’t come by at the right time in a person’s life. When I had applied for this job I did it without a thought in the world, because I figured that it wouldn’t happen. But when I received the call I had just gotten off work and was getting ready for bed when it happened. The next day I received an interview and job offer.
I knew right away that I would accept the job but I asked for a couple days to think about it and of course did the whole girly jumpy thing, called my family and got their thoughts. Then I had to attempt to sleep because I had to work that night and had stayed up for this call.

A little about my previous jobs I’ve worked and who I am:
-          I don’t leave a place unless I have another job and I ALWAYS give at lest a 2 week notice, I’ve been giving 3 weeks though
-          I'm a “push over” I gave my last day to be the day before good Friday but because we had my sister quit and another girl quit it left only 3 to work and I know they don’t have time to hire anyone to cover the shifts so I decided to stay longer
-          I also love money and overtime!

It seems most of the time that I’m always working but I think I’m good at my job and I have nothing to do so I work. Yes this makes socializing hard especially since I work 11pm to 7 am and sleep the day away, but I prefer 3rd to another shift!
When I started at my first hotel I was working every shift and knew how to do my job well, when the owners/GM went on vacation I would be put in charge even though I was to youngest at the age of 18. Along with working every shift I would also work split doubles, meaning work 8 hrs, go home for 8 and then work 8 more. The low pay and wanting to not work split shifts (at the time I was also a full time student along with full time worker) is what caused me to look for employment elsewhere.
That is how I ended up at my current job. Don’t get me wrong and think I don’t like my job, I love it but my place is where my heart leads me and right now it happens to be waiting for me in Alaska.  When my contract is over in Alaska I will be coming back home and reapplying for my job that I am leaving along with places that provide benefits.

Well I don’t know what else to say today.
Ohh other than I leave my town 2 weeks from today (May 4th!!) to excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

why Alaska

So I went to Alaska for the first time, I think it was 2003 or 2004. And fall in love with the place.
I've always wanted to travel and knew in my heart that I didn't belong in the town I was born in. Last post I had said I live in a small town well after looking it up we have about 300,000 people this year. Well as I was saying I knew for the longest time my heart was in far off lands and that's why girl scouts was so good for me and I was blessed enough to meet some really great people who wanted to travel and so we did, I've been able to make it to Alaska, and Australia. Both places I didn't want to leave. My mom joked with the ladies that I had gone with that she would pay them to leave me there and I so wish they did :) 

I've been asked a lot of questions here are some of them

Why I would want to go to Alaska?               Well why did you decide to settle in the town  you live in? I want to see the beautiful land around the world, have a family and live life. Part of truly living life for me personally is to see the world and this job in Alaska allows me to see a place I loved and didn't appreciate it for what it really was the first time I went. Also i don't like the 80- 100 degree weather I normally get during the summer!

Where did I find the job?                   About 6 months ago when I wanted to find a new job, the one before the place I'm working at currently, I would look on craigslist. While looking for jobs in my town there was a listing for Alaska and I found this interesting because i am about 3 day drive from there and so I looked at the post. It was a job for one of the towns i had gone to when i went the first time. this got me thinking about my favorite town, the town is in the middle of no where and can only be reached if you take a bus, personal car are not aloud to drive in that part of the state. well i googled jobs in the town and ran across summer job listings for it and applied for it not even thinking a call would ever come but ya know what could it hurt. So 6 months go by and i didn't hear a thing, i even forgot that i had applied or what web page it was. i was going to bed after working my job and i got a call from a weird area code and almost didn't pick up, luckily I did and he asked if i was still interested and that the guy that they had hired decided not to take the job. Of course I said yes and we set a time for an interview.

right now i cant think of any other questions i had got asked a couple times so I will tell some of the funny things about the interview.

So if you know me you know I love myself or at lest act like I we know its true that I do though! During the interview he asked what my strengths were and I answered that I love people and helping put and being friendly, just like my father. Well the next logical question was what i felt was my weaknesses....I swear I really sat there for a minute and tried thinking of one, and I just couldn't. I feel average in most areas but not weak in any area but spelling....I don't fell that people are bad or weak at anything but just am really good at certain things, so i explained that i have none but I excel at guest service. I even apologized for not thinking pf one but he said that its a good thing i think that because it shows i have confidence, did he hit the nail on the head or what!
next thing was why i like 3rd shift, well I know what needs done and not alot of surprises and I  can plan things and organise stuff, which i love to do! Also alot of people don't like 3rd shift and this allows me a better chance at a job if I say I want 3rds.

Well I think that's all i will write for tonight. <3

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13

Six months ago I applied for a job in Alaska for the summer, and a week ago I got an interview and accepted to job offer. Now I am three weeks from leaving my small town ,its really not small but it feels to small for me. I'm really excited for this, my sister doesnt want me to go and leave her here. We haven't been apart for more than two to three weeks. Mom and Dad are both excited for me though, but we will miss each other. My Aunt amuses me the most though....she wants me to stay in this town and I cant wait to leave and see the world, and this is the first trip i have  done on my own!

I'm not sure what else to say tonight, but I will be on for an update in a couple days.

love you all!