Friday, July 15, 2011


first off sorry its been so long since i wrote.  I got busy and just didnt have time.

well on July 1st i had left for homer with my cuz and her friend.
homer is now my new fav place. we had so much fun
on the 1st they picked me up and we went ATVing and also in this amazing suped up truck....roll cage and 5 point harnass if that tell you anything. TO FUN!!!!!!!!!!

after that we went back to my cuz's place to sleep till the next day (the 2nd) when we went to a B&B. beautiful view and i would so go back!

B&B was just outside homer so we went into homer and homer spit on the 3rd. i went back home on the 5th
also wanteed to share the big thing at home now is : where to next and will you return? alot of people do plan on returning and i think i might or stay closer to home next year. as for whats next im really not sure

i know this is a short post but im sick today and feel like sleeping so im going to upload some pics and share more at a later date

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  1. Hi. Just found you again, after commenting on some of your first posts.

    Nothing else to say. Just noticed you didn't have many comments and thought I should give you one.