Saturday, June 18, 2011

life in alaska

So life has been very...entertaining here in alaska

stuff i learned working a seasonal job:
1. everyone has different stories
2.this life isnt for most people
3. if you say your single or dating guys dont take that serious and then try having sex (well most guys)
4. theres always someone awake
5. always something to do....bring movies and such

right now i cant really think of anything else so ill tell some stories

ive gone rafting a couple time and learned not to go after work
i was rowing and almost dropped the paddle a couple times and it was cold and cloudy...not fun

i also decided one day to climb a mountain. let me tell you. i for one thought the little ant hill back home was mountains but as you just read they are ant hills compared to here and after one time up i wont be going back up again!

i work 5 days and get 2 days off and most of the time i meet up for a game of pool. and i am of the opion that he cheats and letsa me win all expect last week when i let him win by placing all the balls in the pockets becuase i had to get my drunk friend home.
speacking for it doesnt matter the age or the tie there is always someone willing to drink with you. the night after i helpped my drunk friend home i was watching a movie and a bunch of guys come in and one of them was beyond drunk. well they were all doing the breakfast chalange and trying to stay up till breakfast but ended up falling asleep. when it came time for breakfast i woke them all up and went to eat. all but the drunk guy woke.   after the meal i went back and walked him home to then left for my bed. along with heavy drinking comes blackouts. so i saw that same guy that night and he had blacked out and didnt know how he ended up in bed.....i wished so bad to mess with his mind. i am of the thought that you shouldnt drink to the point of black out or regreat.

we have alot of guys from outside the US and i love telling them my name is amazing when i 1st meet them but then of course i tell them my real name....either way they all call me amazing :) woot for an ego boost.    tonight i walked in the rec room. mind you im one of the only girls awake and all the guys were like moring beautiful! ahhhh love it!

and yes i am missing home or rather some people from home

also! happy fathers day to the bestest dad in the world!
goodnight all


  1. Yay! You posted!!
    Was that white water rafting you were doing? I think I'm glad I didnt know when you were doing that! lol
    I sure hope YOU arent under age drinking.. You know they will fire you on the spot if you do.

    Love you baby girl!

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